About ML + First Glimpse

The idea for ML Boutique was created by a need our customers at First Glimpse 3D/4D Ultrasounds brought to my attention.

Women wanted to shop for their baby as well as themselves! So we added in maternity clothing as well as regular women's clothing & children's clothing ranging from Preemie - 10/12.

The growing need for Maternity clothes is real! Moms are needing work clothing, baby shower dresses, & nursing clothing now more than ever. The internet is an ever growing resource for people to shop, but during these specific times in a woman's life, we're learning more & more they want to be able to try these clothes on before purchasing.

As women, our bodies change in so many wonderful ways that clothing lines are finally taking note and making items grow with us. We want to be able to provide Maternity specific items as well as other pieces that are not maternity specific that you can wear before, during & after baby.